Sunday, July 7, 2013

You Smile, I Smile

Heyhihello. I was browsing some photos I have in my laptop and so I made this !  Semester 2 have ended. Lot have been going on and I'm really glad I have friends that are really amazing! I have no idea how I'll get through the hardships without them.

Clockwise : Ah, Mira, Wan, Ira

Everything started when I set foot in UniMap. Siti Zahrah binti Ramli. We call her, Ah which sometimes raise some questions. LOL.The first friend and first roomate. She is from Kedah. She loves hindustan songs and movies!!! And not to forget, lagu jiwangsss. I learned to know old malay jiwang songs from her. She'll play those songs over and over again sampai I boleh ingat !! Then kalau I sing along, she'd be surprised and macam "Wey, hang tau ka lagu ni?" and I'll be like "Eh, aku tahu lah, dah kau pasang hari hari!! sampai aku ingat!! HAHA" Bukan tu je, we'll always be laughing about silly things, we share our crushes and we even play games together :) But sometimes, she'll be on silent mode and I'll be so scared to say anything to her. T.T Tolong lah Ah, aku tak tau nak respon apa bila ko senyap!! Nevertheless, I'll pun an effort untuk cakap jugak dengan dia. I just don't want to feel awkward. But sometimes, I buat dunno je.
HEHEHE. Maaf AH :p Oh, and thank you sebab tumpangkan rumah haritu! I'm so glad that we are in the same course.I don't know how I'll survive without her. She is always there to lend a hand. Besides, she is really considerate too. When I'm sick, she took care of me. I'm really touched :') THANK YOU THERE ROOMATE!

When I'm with Ah, I met Amira Natasha binti Mukri.The specky kid that loves to tell stories!!Oh and putih gebu too!! HEHE Dari pergi makan, sampailah balik makan, she always have stories to tell. Tapi bila dia mengantuk, memang tak bercakap lah cite dia!! Tido jee!!! Memang tak kesah apa dah. She's about my height and she loves to read Fixi's book. She is from Johor Darul Takzim :) Heyya Johor people!!  Dia anak bongsu, sama macam yours truely . HIHI. She's really nice but sometimes she's lazy to do her maths work. What in the world are you thinking Mira!!?? -.- Tapi bila rajin, rajin sangat lah pulak!! hahaha.  But hell! she have the most  beautiful hand writting I've ever saw! Sumpah sangat kemas dan cantik! Sampai orang cakap, "Hey, macam photostate lah tulisan kau!". I could never write as neat as her. Mimpi jelah tulisan nk cantik macam dia!!! HAHA. HEY SPECKY YANG TULISAN CANTIK, NAK NGORAT SIKITSSS xD

While with them, I got to know Wan Syaza Ainaa binti Wan Salman. What a long name she have!! Yes yes, I know. Macam macam nama boleh panggil dia. But currently, we call her Baby Syaza. HAHA. Dia orang Pahang, but her parents can talk in Perak slang. Kiteorang dua dua loves to "berPerak" bersama!! ATE KELAKO BENO!! Truthfully, I really respect her. She's really mature when she makes decisions. I adore that about her because she always thinks out of the box. She always manage to solve her problem  like an adult. She acts like an adult too, sometimes. But most of the time, well, she's just as crazy as all of us. She would laugh her ass of even over stupid jokes! Well, frankly we all do but she really like, really ROTFLHAO!!! Tapi takdelah literally rolling on the floor, just squating and laughing her heart out je. And her laughter, well, I say it unique and funny. Kadang-kadang gelak bukan sebab the jokes, but because the way she laughs. You should hear her laugh and you'll know. In a nut shell, I love her charisma and her maturity when handling problems. I LOVE YOU :)

Nur Kasirah binti Azhar. Her nickname is Ira .I knew her because she was Baby Syaza's housemate. She plays softball for her city!! I really adore how she manage to be the most awesome softball player slash an awesome friend! :) Disebabkan dia terer main softball, I'm always hyped when I saw her. I just amaze her softball skill. And her tangan very tough okay! I suka picit lengan dia and cakap "Uish!! Toughnya!!" And she'll be like, "bengonglah Ain!!" and I'll be laughing all the way. HEHE. Sometimes, she'll hit my head too T.T KESIAN I!!!! :'( Nevertheless, she always act like mak mak. Why do I say this ? Well, she'll be mad if I talk when my mouth is full. One time, she was really angry and scolded me for that. And I was really scared. LOL. Seriously, cuak kot dia marah T.T Rasa nak nangis dah time tu, but I keep my cool. There's one thing about her that's just unique is that, she knows all the classical and old malay songs yang ada. Kalau dalam kereta, ada je lagu yang kiteorang tak kenal, we'll be like "Eh Ira, mesti kau tahu kan lagu ni!" Then she'll be like "Eeee, jahat lah korang" HAHA. Then semua gelak-gelak. You are one unique friend and I really adore you're kids loving attitude. Nanti aku hanto anak aku kat kau okay. Free of charge yee!! HIHI

These 4 people are just everything to me. They thought me everything I should know in life. I respect them and love them with all my heart. And I'm sorry if I had make mistakes and act like some immature kid along these one year of our friendship. Every each of you inspire me on your own way. I'm really glad that I found you. The fun time we had together, are just amazing. From the bottom of my heart, if anything I do annoys you, please forgive me. I'm only human. And this human, loves you so much :) Wow, this might be the most long post I've ever done!!! May the force be with you love :)

Love, Nurain.

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