Sunday, April 14, 2013

End of mid sem break.

Hey hi hello :D

One week of holiday. Wasn't all productive. As a matter of fact, I have 3 tests coming up after my break. Can you imagine how unproductive your holiday can get? With those upcoming tests? VERY LIKELY TO DO NOTHING EXCEPT STUDYING!! Haishh, why la so early test 2 already? Tak habis penat test 1 dah ade Engineering Mathematics test coming up. T.T Frustrated indeed!! I just wish my friends were not too busy and we can lepak lepak like the old days :')

Oh and achievement unlocked!! I dah siapkan my mini tube dress!! :D Horahh for me :) It looked kinda nice , I mean for someone who have no idea what she's doing, it looks nice. Tehee.  And ohh, I bought a new pants. Black jeans that I wanted to buy like dari sem lepas lagi. LOL and did some alteration because the pants is kinda big for me, so I had to skinny-iezed the jeans. So, second horaahhh for me . Yeay yeay .

Wish me luck for my tests!!

Love, Nurain.

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