Monday, September 10, 2012

Hello University :)


Hey hi hello. So now dah bulan 9, semua orang dah masuk universiti balik. Most of them dah habis orientation week.Seronoknya dah masuk universiti!! Aku masuk universiti Malaysia Perlis or known as UniMap. BUT, aku belum daftar lagi.Your reaction is probably like "What?!! Tak masuk lagi? " or "Oh, yeke tak masuk lagi. Apesal seh?" or perhaps "Ade aku kisah?"Either way, it's good to know you *whoever that read this* care. WHY DIDN'T I REGISTERED ON THE REGISTRATION DAY?
The story goes like this,

One day I had a stomach ache, like acidic kind of stomach ache. I went to the clinic near Station 18 which is kinda a stone away from my home.The doctor said I was fine, nothing to worry. Balik from clinic, I had a fever. I was SHIVERING!! Like crazayyh!! Then everything went OKAY.Malam tu , the real deal strike! My tummy hurts like the pain you never ever felt before! Macam sengugut, cuma lagi sakit. If you could imagine,I was holding back the pain as much as I could, but hell, I couldn't. It was too much to bare. The next day, I went to Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun.Waited so long to be checked by the doctor. Long story short, they said I got appendicitis. So, they put me in the ward list or maybe operation list.I GOT APPENDICITIS!! Masuk air dekat 6 pack dah you know. Cucuk sana, cucuk sini. Masuk ubat tu, masuk ubat ni. SEKSANYA!

It's been 8 days now after my surgery. I'm feeling better, better than when I had appendicitis IMAO. And that is why I did not register on the registration day and now, I have no idea what's going to happen to me when I go to UniMap next Monday. Having no clue what so ever about that place because I wasn't there on the orientation week. I am so nervous to go to UniMap. I don't know whether.I'm going to have friends there or even am I going to be fine with the classes. Dah lah nak pergi class pun kena naik bus.

I am so going to die!! Gosh. 
Please Pray For My Safety

With love, Nurain <3 p="p">

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FatenNabila :) said...

Ya Allah! Kenapa aku tak tahu pape? Everything is fine skrg kan? Take care wehh. Goodluck in university life! Makan elok elok <3