Saturday, July 9, 2011

Physic Test.

Harini ada Physic Test. Semalam Ema, Miena and me went to McD!!! Padehal esoknya nak exam dah kan. haha. Tak kira lah, yang penting dapat McD!! :)

It's currently 8.13 a.m. and I have a stomach ache. Damn! Habis lah aku time test nanti. Haishh. Anyways, semalam Nik Fathin Athirah stumble upon our Bel Lecturer's Blog! We were like, woahhh. Blog dia lawo :) We've done a little stalking here and there. She put her husband's picture there. They look so sweet!! Like Oh Emm Geee SWEET <3<3 Okay, that ends there.

So yeah, how many weeks I've been at Puncak Alam and tak balik rumah? Well, about 5 weeks maybe? yeah, but doesn't bothers me. What bothers me is how the hell am I gonna get back home? Aku dah le tak reti nk naik bas. aduhhh -.-'' Hoping to get any friends and go balik Ipoh together.
Tak sabar nk balik jumpa mereka mereka yang disayangi !!! <3<3<3

Oh and yeah, on Sunday kena pergi tgk bola. I was like whattt?? dah le wajib. I mean, tgk bola? Don't you administrators have anything good for us to do besides watching FOOTBALL??? Dah le assignment byk hell. haha. Dengan CTUnya, CSC lah test math and chemist for the coming days lagi. Fuhhh. TERBAIKK LAHH!!! T_T

Love, Nurain

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farahinasyima :D said...

ahaha ~~ so .. nek laa ets der .. smpai btu gajah .. suh mother kau amek <3

hepy eid ramadhan :)