Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hello there :)

Hey, hi , hello and good morning there.

Okay, these few months have been great for me. I found most excellent and awesome friends. Namely Siti Zahrah binti Ramli and Amira Natasha binti Mukri :) They've been great to me. I love them dearly. UniMap wasn't all bad after all. My classmates are well, okay actually, just we don't talk much to each other. Well, I would say, I myself don't talk much to them. Nevertheless, I had fun in the classes I entered. Tak kering gusi jugak lah dengan dorang. Dah nak dekat final dah ni, 11 days more. I'm so nervous! First final exam for degree. I hope I could do better then I did in foundation. GOD PLEASE!!!

Apart from those happy moments, my mp3 jahanam-ed. Oh I'm so devastated!! What am I gonna listen to if I don't have my laptop around. T_T SHIT SHIT SHIT. Nak kena beli mp3 baru pulak. Oh duit PTPTN, why you so sikit right now? :(

Oh, btw, I'm surely gonna go to Paramore's concert next year, OMG OMG OMG!!! I can't wait!! I'm like super super excited!! :) My first concert ever. I'm gonna make it happen! :) Harga tiket is around RM 150++ . SAYA AKAN PERGI CONCERT PARAMORE DENGAN TINI!! I hope it happens. oh my oh my, just please happen!!

Till then, have a great semester break UniMap's students.

Love, Nurain .

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