Friday, June 29, 2012


Hey again, well first thing first. My Sony Cybershot camera is officially not working, so I guess I'm not gonna update this blog with photos captured by me.

Anywhos, so talking about Supernatural Sam and Dean Winchester. Don't you just adore, I mean really, ADORE these guys? Well, I do. That's pretty much enough to know. I'm not into Sam, I'm actually into Dean Winchester or might be call as Jensen Ackles. Watched until season 4 right now, and I would kill to get the next season in my laptop. Okay , okay I might be a little slow on their show, but hey, at least I'm watchin' .

So, yeah. But...
There is still Misha Collins, yes Misha Collins. Known as Cas. I like freaking adore him in Supernatural cause' he's like so laid back. I mean, hey he really know how to choose his vessel ;)

Look how good looking those two :DD

Okay, maybe I'm a fan girl. Pfftt, I don't care. I'm just glad that I am. 
Well, that's pretty much about it. 
Have a nice day viewer(s)

Love, Nurain Wahid <3

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