Sunday, May 6, 2012

Me working? Yeah!

The very first post on the month Mei.
There's not much happening around. I'm working at Old Town White Coffee at the new AEON Station 18 :D  My very first JOB and very first SALARY. I didn't get much. Only RM622.40 . Give RM300 to tabung Haji. :DD And kept RM300 at home.

Why work at a restaurant? Well, the only thing that don't need experience is working in a fast food restaurant. You just have to be loud and yo serve people. And know how to speak . So, yeah. Everything went okay. I've been putting my ass at Old Town White Coffee for a month now :) I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF. First time kerja okay, so okaylah :D hehe. There are a lot of foreign workers but they are all okay and friendly. Even some of my friends are and will work there. Ade jejak kasih jugak, kawan sekolah lama. Masa sekolah rendah dulu dulu :) Tak pernah kenal, baru je tahu dia sekolah Jalan Pegoh. *SYED AZIM*
The managers are quite okay. At least some of them are okay. What else?

Well, everything is just doing fine.
I'm eating plenty.
I'm drinking a lot of water everyday.
I watch a lot of people eat. xD
and my love towards you is getting stronger every second .

Love, Nurain Wahid.

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