Tuesday, February 22, 2011

24 hours on Facebook?

Damn! Look what FB did to me. Aku asek dok depan pc and checking out Facebook! bahaha. I did plaed some games though. Found some yang interesting.. :D

Now I'm searching for wallpapers for my phone!! Try looking on Flickr :)
I am Izmed Fahmi's Personal Assistant now! haha. Mak dia dok FB then I pun pergi text Izmed ckp tu lah, ckp ni lah. haha. His mom called me Miss PA. ROFL! Mak dia ada sense of humor lahh. COOL :)

I was checking on shoes late last night and found this site ; http://www.endless.com/
One of the most awesome place to look for shoes a.k.a wears. Tapi in Dollar America lah. haha.
So if you got a lot of money, that's shouldn't be a problem :D
I'm gettin' my P license on this Friday. haha. Tk sabar nk vroom vroom around the taman and soon around Perak :DD

Till then, love nurain <3

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