Saturday, December 11, 2010

And when you thought you were right :/

Life is short, you certainly can't have all the time in the world. So when shitty stuff gets to you, you just go with the flow. And when they does, you'd be happy even if it hurts at the beginning. The more I get involved, the more I hate being in love. MAK TANAK KAWIN BOLEH TAK??!! Please let me lead a happy life without man in it.... :)

Do you still love him?
yes, i do
Do you think he'll make you happy?
Do you think he deserve better?
Do you still care?
Kill me if I don't
Do you want to be happy?

  Love, Nurain

1 comment:

minda perkasa said...

mlm tdi 16/17 dec (tengah malam x perasan a bertukar tarikh ke belum)aq tgk drama melayu tajuknye MABUK EOSTROGEN...crite tuh tentang sorg andartu yg sangat bencikn sesuatu telah berlaku n sedarkn dye tentang segala bende including da importants of man in ladies soul!!!! critenye x bez poen tapi moral of da story tu yg penting...