Saturday, September 11, 2010

Second Raya :)

Lama gila lah tak post. Seriously talking! Kat mktb tuh pon like very very * emphasize* rarely nk online.
Anyways, there's been a lot happening in these few weeks Getting my new phone and unlocking it kat Pasa Bina. Cost about RM80 *thank God!*. Puasa-ing have been really fun cause kat mktb puasa ngan member. So seriously best :) Everyday nk pegi bazar ramadhan kat Kpg Gajah uhh... *eventhough mknan gila sikit variates. But there's a few people I've been missing time puasa,

Firstly, Muhammad Amirul Fahmi b. Rosly. Why ? Cause' he's like the moving tv and newspaper in our class. Dia pegi PDRM lahh... Rindu kau doo!! And plus, dia selalu bertikam lidah ngan Fazlin Najwa :) How I miss that..

Secondly, Muhammad Shahir b. Sharifudin. Why ? because lama tak smbg and meet him. And when we do, Sorry I mencarut kat you! haha. *terbiasa*.

Last but not least, Fatin Izzati bt. Fuad and Syakierah Ammirudin and penny and faie and tinie and si MANENGGAL!!! Deq'a, amsyar,apisR, and my awesome bed and teddies! rindu gila. hahaha. Lama tak hangout sama2. IMISSYOUGUYS like THIS HUGE!!!! ^^ *seriously*

and to wrap this whole thing up, I ADA BISUL LAH!!!grr.. -_-"

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Anonymous said...

tu dia nama aku first .haha