Friday, August 22, 2014

Art with clothes.

HeyHiHello there. Now a days, people are crazy about being fashionable. Being fashionable can be pretty cheap if you know a trick or two. Personally, I don't really spend that much on clothes because I prefer to buy my clothes at a bargain shop or Malaysian might call it BUNDLE!! These are some of clothes I bought recently at B Gee Bundle. Entah betul ke tidak eja tu. hahaha.

Price : RM 10

Price : RM 10

Price : RM 10 for 4 clothes

Well, these maybe aren't the best you can find in the store, but with a few tweaks , you'll enjoy wearing it and it will look absolutely beautiful on you! Just have to mix and match things. The last one was actually for my friend.

Other than that, kalau taknak beli bundle la let say, you can make your own clothes. I frankly have no idea how to do one, but I managed to make a long skirt! Takde lah susah mana  pun sebenarnya. :D Tapi I'm not an expert, so it does not look that pretty.

The fabric is like RM6 per meter. I bough 2 meter each, which is really cheap compared to if you bought ready made.

Basically, I'm trying to make a shirt but, I haven't learned them yet. So hopefully, soon I'll be able to learn it. I even made my own pencil case. It's really awesome because you can style your creation with anything you love! I mean like glitters and stuff! :D

Love, Nurain.

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