Saturday, May 26, 2012

Believe that it exist

There is a lot of people out there wanting to find the  right person for themselves. They'll do anything to find the perfect match on their eyes. But not everything you plan goes exactly like you wanted.
It's not the appearance you are going to marry, it is the person himself. When somebody has loved you with all his heart, don't hesitate to love back. When you know he is sincere, it will show, and you'll find it difficult to find a person like him. He will always be there for you, tell you what is wrong and never give up on you. No matter what happened to him. He will do anything he could to protect you. He does not care how you look like or how bad your attitude is. He knows your heart because his heart beats next to yours. And you know, no one can carve a smile on your face better than he does.

If you finally realize this person in your life and you know he loves you, but you kept hesitating, just stop for a moment and think. Will you ever find someone that loves you as much as he does? Will anyone take your breath away like he does?

 Sometimes it's better to be loved than to love.

Love, Nurain Wahid

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